Business Services

Joplin Workshops Inc. operates two primary business branches at its Joplin facility, Mid America Solutions and Healthcare Linen Specialists.Mid America Solutions provides business smart services for your operation. From relatively simple procedures to those requiring special skills, we meet the need of the industry, whatever the task… and at a reasonable cost. Economical pricing is the key to our business and to your success. A partial sample of subcontracted services provided to our clients includes warehousing, shipping/receiving, packaging, manufacturing, mailings, and order fulfillment. Mid America solutions specializes in jobs well done and provide business outsourcing quotes, on time delivery, and we will ship your product to any location using the delivery method of your choice.
Joplin Workshops, Inc’s linen service is our latest business service offering to the area medical community. Serving hospitals, physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities, Healthcare Linen Specialists was added to the workshop in 1992. This facility was entirely custom-designed to meet today’s stringent healthcare standards. Large-capacity industrial washers, dryers, ironers and water softeners are the most up-to-date equipment available.All precautions have been taken to eliminate contamination as well as to protect workshop employees from infectious materials.Our employees are continually exceeding the rigorous requirements of our clientele with their value added work ethics.